Farewell to Michael Austin

August 5, 2019 2:17 am

Tim, our Chairman writes: Michael Austin has decided to retire as company secretary for TTI from September onwards.

Mike has been at TTI for over 20 years, he was formerly the financial Director at Cosmos. Mike led TTI through the acquisition for the rights of the ferry companies Unicorn License which helped TTI generate enough income to continue its operations. 20 years onwards now we still license Unicorn. However this is now only a small part of the TTI operation. Mike also took us through the cooperation with GIATA in Germany to license their GIATA codes products in the UK under the banner of TTIcodes. This of course is now a highly successful cooperation.

I would like to personally thank Mike for doing a fantastic job for TTI over the years. Mike has really been the backbone of the company and will be greatly missed!