Listed below are all TTI’s events dating back to 2009, the most recent events first.

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The Communications Challenge: Effective Management of your Customers’ Concerns – 9 December 2020

There is a growing enthusiasm amongst many who wish to travel again, but there is equally as much anxiety. Managing your customer concerns effectively is key to a successful return to more normal business; but with many organisations running with reduced human resources, efficiency is imperative.  Travel companies that get this right have a greater chance of ensuring their rapid returners have a safe and enjoyable experience and provide positive feedback, which in turn will help convince the more concerned customers to get travelling.

The Fight Back – 12 November 2020

Winter Forum Webinar 2020
All players within the Travel Industry have suffered significantly from the drastic reduction in business brought on by the restrictions introduced by Governments across the globe. In this, TTI’s Winter Forum, we examined how the travel industry would fight its way back to normality.

Let’s Get Emotional – 24 September 2020

Autumn Conference Webinar 2020
Emotion is a powerful motivator. Positively appeal to a person’s emotions and they will act as you need them to. This is the basis of just about all advertising from political campaigns to selling travel. We learnt about the tools and techniques available that can help travel companies tap into the emotions of potential customers and raise the likelihood of catalysing a purchase

Strategies for Survival and Beyond – 18 June 2020

TTI Summer Forum 2020
Covid-19 and its associated lockdown has had a devastating effect on the entire travel industry, with our customers unable to or simply not willing to travel. The industry is fighting for survival. For TTI’s Summer Forum, we assembled a team of experts across a variety of different disciplines.

Digital Travel 4.0 – 19 September 2019

TTI Autumn Conference 2019

Hands-On with Customer Engagement – 13 June 2019

TTI Summer Forum 2019

CX and the Disloyal Customer – 21 March 2019

TTI Spring Conference 2019

AI – The Dawn of a New Age – 7 November 2018

TTI Winter Forum 2018

The Content Revolution – 20 September 2018

TTI Autumn Conference 2018

The Future of CRM and Personalisation in the Travel Industry – 12 July 2018


All About Blockchain – 7 June 2018

Summer Forum 2018

The Launch of Travel Ledger – 21 March 2018


AI and the Rise of the Bots – 13 March 2018

Spring conference 2018

The Future of Technology in Travel and Hospitality – 6 November 2017

Winter Forum at World Travel Market

Hands On with GDPR – 11 October 2017

Special GDPR Forum

Business and Leisure Come Together – 19 September 2017

TTI Autumn Conference 2017

Getting to Grips with GDPR – 6 June 2017

TTI Summer Forum 2017

Game, Set and Match – 14 March 2017

TTI Spring conference 2017

TTI Autumn Conference 2016

Digital Travel – State of Play – 20 September 2016

TTI Summer Forum 2016

TTI & European tourism association Joint Forum – ‘Money for Nothing!’ – 7 June 2016

TTI Spring Conference 2016

The UX Revolution – Tuesday 15 March 2016

TTI Winter Forum 2015

WTM Travel Innovation Summit in association with TTI – 2 November 2015

TTI Autumn Conference 2015

TTI Autumn Conference – 21 September 2015

TTI Summer Forum 2015

‘The Hotel Distribution Revolution’ TTI in Association with ETOA – Tuesday 2 June 2015

TTI Spring Conference 2015

TTI Spring Conference – Tuesday 17 March 2015 The Mobile Customer

TTI Winter Conference 2014

WTM Travel Innovation Summit in Association with TTI

TTI Autumn Conference 2014

The Power of Data and Analytics

TTI Summer Forum 2014

Distribution Best Practice

TTI Spring Conference 2014

The Digilution of Travel

TTI Winter Forum 2013

WTM Conference 4 November 2013

TTICodes Update Forum 2013

Thursday 17 October 2013

TTI Autumn Conference 2013

TTI Autumn Conference – 17 September 2013

TTI Summer Forum 2013

TTI Summer Forum 11 June 2013 – Take Flight!

TTI Spring Conference 2013

Let’s Get Personal

TTI Winter Forum 2012

WTM Innovation Summit in association with TTI & OpenTravel – 5 November 2012

TTI Autumn Conference 2012

The Future of Travel Distribution

TTI Summer Forum 2012

Make the Most of Analytics

TTI Spring Conference 2012

Optimising Digital Sales

TTI at TTE 2012

Travel Technology Europe 2012 Exhibition

TTI Winter Conference 2011

Travel Distribution – All Change

TTI Autumn Conference 2011

Latest Developments in Travel Technology

TTI Summer Forum 2011

Beyond Search

TTI Spring Conference 2011

The Social Revolution

TTI Winter Forum 2010

TTI & Open Travel Ideas Exchange – 10 November 2010

TTI Autumn Conference 2010

Travel Innovation Summit – 21 September 2010

TTI Summer Forum 2010

Mobile Technology Update – 15 June 2010

TTI Spring Conference 2010

Agents Advancing – 27 April 2010

TTI Autumn Conference 2009

Connecting to content – 22 September 2009

TTI Summer Forum 2009

Make the most of mapping – 16 June 2009

TTI Spring Conference 2009

Search and Rescue – 28 April 2009