Let’s Get Emotional

Thursday 24 September 2020 – 10:00 to 13:00


Selling online is all about establishing an emotional connection with your customers.

Emotion is a powerful motivator. Positively appeal to a person’s emotions and they will act as you need them to. This is the basis of just about all advertising from political campaigns to selling travel.

In advertising, traditionally the catchy slogan and the persuasive photograph were the prime emotional motivators. They are still in use. However, in our online era, a direct appeal to the individual based on their known characteristics has proven very successful. For example, in the recent UK Brexit referendum and subsequent elections, personal data was used extensively to tailor focused messages to the electorate based on a wide range of attributes.

Our personal data is readily available. We are constantly being tracked as we browse from website to website. Our social media profiles are available to be used to shape the messages put before us. Our online lives are under constant scrutiny. This is just a fact of modern life and, indeed, it is accepted by many as an aid to an easier way of living. It is very convenient if someone can offer you just the product you want based on what they know about you.

There are tools and techniques available that can help travel companies tap into the emotions of potential customers and raise the likelihood of catalysing a purchase. Some of these are based on data, some are based on behavioural tracking, others seek to make focused use of social media. All can make the difference between a sale or a bounce as a potential customer goes elsewhere.

At this event, we will examine these tools and techniques. You will learn how they can be applied to your business. Attend TTI’s Autumn conference webinar and Let’s Get Emotional.


  • Richard Baker, Chief Commercial Officer, Inspiretec
  • Katy Howell, Chief Executive Officer, Immediate Future
  • Moshe Demri, Vice President Revenue, Optimove
  • Cyril Puget, Sales and Marketing Director, myElefant a Sinch Company
  • Eddy Swindell, CRO & Co-Founder,Fresh Relevance



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This webinar is free to attend


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