Working Together for a Brighter Future

Webinar Series
Thurs 28 Jan, Thurs 4 Feb, Thurs 11 Feb 2021

Even across a Hotel Chain, the same room type in different locations may have many different names. Even the hotel names can vary across suppliers.

With over 500 providers offering over 1 million properties and half a billion supplier room type combinations, it is extremely challenging to find the right product within the right hotel and in the right location to meet your guest’s aspirations.

Our series of Webinars aims to help you achieve three things:

1. Create a much better user experience for your booker or guest

2. Create up-sell opportunities

3. Use digital content to meet your customer’s aspirations.

Webinar 1

Unravelling the Distribution Conundrum

Thursday 28 January 11:00 to 12:00 (UK)

Daily, millions of room availability messages and offers are exchanged between Suppliers and the Distributors / Sales Channels.

This webinar will focus on two major topics:

  1. How can you make sense of all that data in a more standardised way leading to a more efficient process and better user experience?
  2. How can you make more effective use of the data in terms of distributing last minute offers, selling third party add-ons such as transfers, improved sales analysis and identifying market opportunities?


  • Peter Hazel, TTI Projects Coordinator
  • Travel company executive (tbc)

Webinar 2

Creating Up-Sell Opportunities

Thursday 4 February 11:00 to 12:00 (UK)

“why are we seeing this hotel when it’s nowhere near where we want to stay?”

“why is that hotel displayed multiple times?”

“why can’t I find a room with a balcony and a sea view?”

These are common questions we hear from bookers, whether they are an agent or a direct customer, and can often result in a lost sale.

This webinar focuses on how the standardisation of room type names and destinations can not only improve the User Experience (UX) but lead to higher sales conversion, more up-sell opportunities and an increase in booking values.


  • Matt Chapman, Chief Technical Officer, Vibe Systems Ltd
  • Howard Rosenthal, Partner, D4T consulting
  • Travel company executive (tbc)

Webinar 3

Working Together – Meeting Guest’s Aspirations

Thursday 11 February 11:00 to 12:00 (UK)

Having great prices & products is often not enough to seal the deal – guests need to be persuaded that the property on offer meets their aspirations. Hoteliers need to have great images and accurate information about their hotels, and distributors need to be able to easily access that content. What you want you customers to say are things like

“wow, what a view”, “the room is just perfect”, “the kids will love the pool”, “what could be a more romantic setting for a sundowner”

This webinar will look at how multi-lingual Digital Content is driving sales and marketing opportunities for hotels and sales channels alike to match their guest’s aspirations.

Andreas Posmeck, Managing Director / CEO will explain how GIATA’s state-of-the-art products are enabling hotels to distribute high quality content to GIATA’s global network of 20,000+ sales channels to help clinch the sale.


  • Andreas Posmeck, Managing Director/CEO, GIATA GmbH
  • Travel company executive (tbc)



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