Latest Update from Chairman Tim Wright

September 1, 2019 5:53 pm

The warm weather is now upon us which is great news. However the bad news is that Michael Austin has decided to retire as company secretary for TTI from September onwards.  Mike has been at TTI for over 20 years, he was formerly the financial Director at Cosmos. He has led TTI through the acquisition for the rights of the ferry companies Unicorn License which helped TTI generate enough income to continue its operations. 20 years onwards now we still license Unicorn. However this is now only a small part of the TTI operation. Mike also took us through the cooperation with GIATA in Germany to license their GIATA codes in the UK under the banner of TTIcodes. This of course is now a highly successful cooperation.

I would like to personally thank Mike for doing a fantastic job for TTI over the years. He has really been the backbone of the orgnisation  and will be greatly missed!

The new person to take over as Company Secretary is John Forgan. John starts in September and has over 30 years of experience in the accounting profession. Until the end of July he was the Director for Work based Learning at Kingston Business School. At Kingston, in addition to teaching on  undergraduate programmes, he taught accounting to non-financial managers on various masters programmes including the MBA since 1990. John has also taught on MBA programmes in Russia. Other areas of teaching interest include Tax, Auditing, Team Building and Leadership.  He also has extensive experience in professional practice and consultancy in both the public and private sector. John has worked in many European and Asian countries. In fact recently he was involved in the design and delivery of financial training to many central government departments.

I am delighted that John has agreed to join the TTI team and I believe he will bring a lot of experience and new ideas that will be for the benefit of TTI and you the members. Please feel free to contact him.

The Summer Forum was about Hands-on with Customer Engagement. The forum was well attended and the feedback was very positive. Many thanks to our sponsors Sagittarius and Immediate Future. The event finished at lunchtime. However we then had a workshop sponsored by GIATA in the afternoon. The subjects here were TTIplaces and Rooms,  as well as content. The 3 new solutions were well received and the first TTIplaces customer is IceLolly. The largest agency is South Africa has also signed for TTIplaces. If there is any interest in learning more about these 3 solutions, please contact Peter Hazel or Howard Rosenthal.

The next full conference is on 19 September (see below). The next TTIhub networking evening will be on Nov 4th following the first day of World Travel Market. I do hope many of you will attend this event.