ATCORE is a technology group specialising in high performance software and services for the leisure travel sector.

ATCORE's Atcom and Tigerbay reservation and e-commerce platforms are designed to give businesses an edge in today's highly competitive and rapidly evolving market, directly addressing the industry's core challenges - to improve operational efficiencies and optimise sales - while supporting improved customer service across a broader, more flexible product range.

Based in Slough, UK, with offices in North London, Sussex and Cardiff, ATCORE employs around 200 people with an unrivalled combination of industry and technical expertise.

ATCORE has been developing software solutions for travel operators for over 35 years. It currently provides solutions to over 60 travel customers. As the leading reservations system supplier to the leisure travel sector, ATCORE has an excellent reputation for providing top quality, scalable and effective solutions.

ATCORE delivers:
• Experience and understanding of the UK, German and other European markets
• Track record of successful implementations of both component and full suite projects
• Comprehensive, leading edge products designed to improve operational efficiency and optimise sales
• Flexible business models including SaaS or customer owned and managed infrastructure

A reliable technology platform:
• Future-proof underlying technology platform
• Proven scalability for very large volumes
• Flexible component structure, enabling operators to create the combination that precisely meets their needs
• Proven global platform with multi-country distribution


Our Atcom and Tigerbay platforms combine industry expertise with the solid foundation of shared, proven technology catering for a wide range of tour operator business models.


UK and Europe


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