Legacy Standards


REScon stands for ‘Reservation Confirmation’ and is a recommended format for travel agent’s systems to capture booking information direct from the tour operator.

Travel agents no longer need to create and maintain complex screen maps for each tour operator and the transfer of data is immediate, transparent and secure.

The REScon format was developed jointly by the major tour operators and travel agents for use on any computer system and has been successfully installed by Cosmos and Co-op Travelcare, where it has made life much easier for both sales and support staff.

REScon is an industry wide technical standard for transferring full booking details between computer systems. It is endorsed by the travel industry’s standards body, the Travel Technology Initiative, and is available to everyone in the travel business. What’s more, it provides a sound base for other important developments, such as printing invoices, ATOL receipts and travel tickets.



The TORIX messages were created by a TTI working party of major tour operators to provide a structured alternative to the legacy Viewdata distribution channel for booking packaged holidays. Torix is capable of supporting B2C and B2B with a focus on the latter.


TOPAS provides a standard for the transmission of availability data between tour operators and travel agents or intermediaries (e.g. data vendors).  The information can be used by travel agents to locate availability more quickly, reducing cost of sale and increasing turnover.

Data can be provided by a tour operator for a single travel agency or intermediary, or concurrently by one operator to several agents or intermediaries and allows recipients to compare like-for-like data from different tour operators making it easier to get the best available deals.