Galileo tools to access GDS based services

Galileo tools to access GDS based services.
Organisation: Travelport
Description: Galileo Web Services
Web Services is an application program interface (API) that enables customers to build an interface such as a website, connected to Galileo GDS. Through GWS, travel companies can easily integrate Galileo travel content with their own systems to create their own website and grow their business. GWS adheres to cross-platform Web Services industry standards. Web Services client applications can be deployed in any environment that supports HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), including Windows© and UNIX, without requiring bridges or specialized interfaces. In addition, a wide variety of languages and development developer toolkits can be used to design and deploy client applications for Web Services.For more information : XML PRO
Worldspan XML Pro is the key, strategic messaging platform for travel companies wanting to interface their unique travel applications to the Worldspan GDS. Customers with widely varying business models and connectivity needs are able to utilise the Internet to implement this low-cost, quick connection between the GDS and third-party applications, Internet booking engines (IBE), back-office systems and more. XML Pro is a sophisticated blend of Worldspan technology, eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and OpenTravel Alliance specifications.XML API Desktop
The XML API Desktop solution enables clients to use transactions to modify existing Galileo

GDS desktop products or create entirely new desktop based travel applications. A comprehensive set of XML transactions available within Galileo Web Services are also available to the user of XML API Desktop and uniquely XML API Desktop allows interaction with the Booking File through XML transactions prior to End Transact.  This provides the developer with a range of options and a much greater degree of flexibility to create powerful applications such as quality assurance and policy checks, after sales reporting and statistics and fulfillment and bespoke desktop process flows designed to reduce time and costs.

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Universal API (uAPI)
Travelport Universal API is a single cohesive API aggregating content from multiple sources including all GDS and Non GDS sources, delivering new content uAPI aggregates travel content to streamline the travel supply chain, reducing software development costs and time to market. In addition customers enjoy seamless booking experiences through the use of the uAPI’s Universal Record concept, enabling a streamlined booking process and better targeted cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Universal API will be available mid 2010.Website :

Further details : Click here to find out more on Galileo tools to access GDS based services.

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