TTIcodes – Unique Hotel Identifiers


Why Unique Hotel Identifiers?

Through its members, TTI became aware of a common problem.   With multiple electronic feeds serving-up identical properties, the same perennial questions are continually asked.   ‘What is a property called on Channel XYZ? What is its reference or id? Is it the same property that is being offered on channel ABC?’    Research showed that there could be a surprising number of variations of a hotel’s name leading to the confusion that is currently rife in the industry as it struggles with hotel names that are misspelt, wrongly translated or simply incorrect.

TTI members were seeking a solution.


Thus the concept of TTIcodes was born as a method of providing a unique way to identify a property across a multiplicity of channels, service providers, tour companies, representation companies and third parties involved in the booking, administration and fulfilment of travel within the hospitality industry.

What is a TTIcode?

It was agreed at the outset that the sole purpose of a TTIcode should be as a unique hotel identifier, no more than that.   Thus any thoughts of building regional or hotel information into the code were set aside.   A TTIcode is a simple, random seven digit numeric number with an additional eighth check digit which uses a modulus 8 calculation.   This straightforward format allows TTIcodes to be rolled out much faster than any other type of unique hotel identifier.

Service Partner

As TTI is a standards body rather than a fulfilment organisation, it sought a service partner to deliver the TTIcodes services.   It selected GIATA GmbH as the ideal company for the task.   GIATA has built a considerable depth of experience in managing coding databases from delivering its own MultiCodes data-set.   Working with TTI, GIATA has expanded the core database to 360,000 properties from just over 200,000 when TTIcodes wa launched.   The properties are cross referenced to over 350 Tour Operators, Hotel Brokers, Bed Banks, OTAs, 3rd Party Distribution Partners, Global Distribution Systems and Representation companies around the world and are updated on a daily basis.   With mre than 8 million cross references this is the largest of its kind in the world.

TTIcodes Services

Those wishing to use any of the TTIcodes services will contract directly with GIATA. Clients will be able to submit their hotel databases for an initial matching.   These will be returned with the addition of TTIcodes and any other information purchased.   Any hotels that did not already have a TTIcode will be added to the TTIcodes database and have codes issued to them.   In this way, the TTIcodes database will quickly grow, with the aim of TTIcodes becoming the single unique identifier for all hotels across the globe.

After the initial submission of a client’s own hotels, there is access to the entire TTIcodes database via the web or an OpenTravel standard XML interface.   On request, clients can be provided twice per year with the latest database information based upon their level of subscription i.e. Level 1 or Level 2.

There are three TTIcodes Services

  • TTIcodes Module (Level 1) – This is the basic TTIcodes service that, for each hotel, will provide a TTIcode and detailed address information including contact numbers (if available).
  • TTIcodes Module (Level 1) with Geo-coding – In addition to the above, hotels’ latitude and longitude coordinates will be provided together with an accuracy indicator.
  • TTIcodes Plus (Level 2) – In addition to both of the above, this module will also provide hotel group and chain affiliations (where available) as well as GIATA MultiCodes – a unique GIATA code plus booking codes of approximately 250 tour companies, hotel brokers and other channels for each hotel.


Prices are substantially discounted for members of Travel Technology Initiative and the European Tour Operators Association.

Cost per month in Euros TTIcodes Additional Geo-Code Option (with TTIcodes only) TTIcodes Plus (includes Geo Codes)
Normal Price Members Price
Tier 1 € 307 € 273 + € 59  € 701
Tier 2 € 427 € 390 + € 69  € 868
Tier 3 € 547 € 468 + € 79  € 1036

Tier 1 – Turnover   < 5million Euros
Tier 2 – Turnover between 5 million & 10 million Euros
Tier 3 – Turnover   > 10 million Euros

One off Implementation & Set–up fee: – €750 if Client portfolio contains 10,000 or less properties,  €1299 if Client portfolio contains more than 10,000 properties

NEW – TTIcodes Affiliate Product

Introducted to serve the tens of thousands of affiliates around the world, this product is designed to offer them a low cost entry into TTIcodes.

This product allows Affiliates to access the core TTIcodes data for as little as 125 Euros per month (5 Suppliers) or 200 Euros per month (up to 10 Suppliers).   One restriction is that an Affiliate cannot map its own database with its own property ids and the property portfolio is restricted to that of their selected Suppliers.

Geo-codes is an additional option that can be purchased for an extra 70 Euros per month with an implementation set-up fee of 299 Euros.

The following table illustrates the difference in the Product options compared to the main TTIcodes product:

Product Feature Basic TTIcodes TTIcodes Plus Affiliate Product (NEW!)
Access to All Properties yes yes
Selected Suppliers
(5 or 10 Suppliers)
Name & Address Information yes yes yes
Contact Information yes yes yes
Web Site URL yes yes yes
Brand Information yes yes yes
Geo Codes Additional Fee yes Additional Fee
Channel/Tour Op
Cross-Ref Data
yes yes
Mapping of Own Database yes

Hotel Participation

TTI is keen that hotels participate in the TTIcodes initiative and has devised a very simple low cost pricing structure for both individual properties and hotel chains that wish to participate in the TTIcodes services.

Hotels pay €12 per property per annum for the basic TTIcodes Module including Geocoding (Level 1), or €35 per property per annum for TTIcodes Plus (Level2) if the property requires access to their full set of GIATA Multi Codes.

NB: Fees are capped for large hotel chains.

For more information or to enquire about using TTIcodes, contact Pete Hazel, UK Co-ordinator


Call: +44 1442 825 408

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