Ten reasons why you should be a member of TTI

November 8, 2018 2:49 pm
  1. Membership Prices held at current levels for 2019.
  2. T.E.C. (Transformation, Education and Communication) is what TTI is all about. As we say, get your technology right and you get your business right.
  3. We are a totally unbiased organisation and are therefore in a great position to keep you fully informed and up-to-date on all the latest travel technology issues.
  4. We offer access to totally unbiased technology consultancy services through our TTI officers including Paul Richer and Peter Hazel.
  5. We offer greatly reduced prices for TTIcodes.
  6. We provide access to innovation with the new My GIATA hotel solution plus, the new TTIplaces and TTIrooms Solutions .
  7. We offer price reductions on new developments as they are rolled out e.g. TTIplaces and TTIrooms.
  8. We offer you the opportunity to network with other members, TTI officers and associates at all TTI events.
  9. We included 2 Free places at two TTI Conferences, two Forums and three TTIhub events during 2019; plus, other free events may be added if there are pressing industry issues that need to be addressed.
  10. We will send you a quality, informative newsletter every quarter.