TTIplaces trial

April 21, 2017 4:16 pm

In the last newsletter, we introduced TTIplaces.  As a reminder the TTIplaces vision is:

“To create a standardised tool for the Industry that enables the cross referencing of place names across and between suppliers of hospitality based products and services “

With the following guiding principles:-

  • Places need no longer be hierarchical in their structure
  • A Place can be part of another place
  • A Place can overlap with another place
  • A Place can be associated with another place
  • A Place can have different names & spellings including Multi Lingual variations
  • Properties can belong to as many places as it fits
  • A Place can be any shape defined by its Geo Attributes

One of the most important lessons we learnt from the recent workshop we held was that it is more efficient to search for a specific list of hotels relevant to the traveller’s or agent’s requirements than to do a blanket search.

For example if we take the region of Costa Del Sol there are 2,000 properties in the region.  Across even 10 suppliers that is thousands of availability searches in the hope that you may get ONE single booking.  If can do a specific search geared to the traveller’s or agent’s requirement e.g. Mijas  then the search is reduced to a mere 100 properties.  Or a resort such as La Cala De Mijas , again the search is much more specific and efficient.

The beauty of places is that you can search by a region e.g. Majorca or a place within a region e.g. Palma de Majorca, irrespective of how the Supplier’s geography works by searching  the relevant Properties (TTIcodes) within the place whether that place is a region or resort .

Hence we are seeing that the most value will accrue where one uses TTIplaces in tandem with TTIcodes i.e. TTI places has most value when it is an add-on module to TTIcodes

We  want to pilot TTIplaces with a number of TTIcodes clients so that we can gauge if the value and benefits are aligned to our thoughts on pricing.

Would you be interested in taking part in the trial.  It is open to any TTIcodes clients (at no cost during the pilot phase), so If you are interested in learning or would like to participate in the Project Team please email or or call +44 (0)871 2440787.